Combining 25 years of organisational change experience with over a decade of coaching and consulting in leadership.  


Jackie Smith is an organisational consultant, coach and expert facilitator who works in a holistic way with individuals and organisations based on 20 years experience and education in management and leadership, organisational psychology, group dynamics and mindfulness.

Jackie has a Bachelor Degree in Economics (Monash University) and Masters in Leadership and Organisational Dynamics (RMIT, Melbourne).

Jackie has held senior positions in the banking, pharmaceutical and retail sectors, including being joint General Manager of a national chain of more than 90 retail stores.

She has worked as a consultant in London and South Africa for international corporations, as well as across Australia.

Her clients have included major corporates, family businesses and SME businesses internationally and throughout Australia in such diverse industries as retail, construction, financial services, and telecommunications and professional services.

Client’s of Jackie say she is “an extremely skilled facilitator who is able to combine an empathy, intellectual depth and willingness to go with both the tough stuff and the humor of the moment to facilitate in a way that creates the context for change of the heart and mind.”

Jackie is the only organisational change and leadership consultant in Australia offering the contemporary experiential learning modality, Equine Assisted Learning for groups and individuals in venues right across Australia. 

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Jackie’s background and philosophy

I began my career in project management, designing and implementing organisational change at a process, system and structural level. Over time my observations of the various ways in which people responded to change created questions and a desire to know more about human behaviour and psychology. After completing my master in Organisational Dynamics and Leadership I focussed on the human side of change – specifically on leadership behaviour and cultural change. 

At this point my programs and coaching began to deepen into supporting people to understand more about the conscious and unconscious behaviours that support or limit our success, in work and in life. 

My personal values are authenticity, trust and collaboration. I will always bring the truth to the situation with directness and sensitivity. I understand the complexity and depth that exists in real organisational life, therefore I can distil this into plans and programs to which my clients can relate at an organisational, team and individual level. From this, we can then facilitate insight and behavioural change.

My objective is to support my clients to get clear about the goals or outcomes needed by asking challenging questions and listening deeply to what is (and is not) being said. This leads people to a place of greater awareness, self-accountability and enhanced skills and capability to make the personal or professional changes they desire.